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Dark, cynical and modern.

These books will satisfy any literary passion, from hardboiled crime to sci-fi and magical realism. And though noir has evolved past the early days of bootlegging mobsters and corrupt cops, it has kept its classic themes like nighttime rendezvous, forbidden romance, and hopeful anti-heroes.

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Title: The Kind Worth Killing, Author: Peter Swanson
Paperback $14.99 $16.99 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $16.99.
Title: The Devil All the Time, Author: Donald Ray Pollock
Paperback $15.95 $16.95 Current price is $15.95, Original price is $16.95.
Title: Dog Soldiers, Author: Robert Stone
Title: The Drop, Author: Dennis Lehane
Title: The Guards (Jack Taylor Series #1), Author: Ken Bruen
Paperback $16.99 $17.99 Current price is $16.99, Original price is $17.99.
Title: Hades, Author: Candice Fox
Title: The Last Dead Girl, Author: Harry Dolan
Title: Crossroad Blues (Nick Travers Series #1), Author: Ace Atkins
Title: A Nasty Piece of Work, Author: Robert Littell
Title: Dead Souls (Inspector John Rebus Series #10), Author: Ian Rankin
Title: Watch Me Go, Author: Mark Wisniewski
Title: Dog Beach: A Novel, Author: John Fusco
Title: Nowhere Nice, Author: Rick Gavin
Title: Galveston: A Novel, Author: Nic Pizzolatto
Title: Lamentation, Author: Joe Clifford
Title: Hardcase, Author: Dan Simmons
Title: The Cleanup, Author: Sean Doolittle
Title: The Papers of Tony Veitch (Laidlaw Series #2), Author: William McIlvanney
Title: Tomato Red: A Novel, Author: Daniel Woodrell
Title: Exile (Garnethill Series #2), Author: Denise Mina

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