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Drama for the ages.

Don't worry -- you don't need a Ph.D. in history to enjoy these books that pack a fictional punch. They span continents and centuries filled with daring adventures, epic romances, and larger-than-life figures for a reading experience you won't soon forget.

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Title: There's Always Tomorrow, Author: Pam Weaver
Title: Elm Tree Road, Author: Anna Jacobs
Title: Better Days will Come, Author: Pam Weaver
Title: Only a Mother Knows, Author: Annie Groves
Title: Pack Up Your Troubles, Author: Pam Weaver
Title: The Four Streets, Author: Nadine Dorries
Title: Annie Groves 3-Book Collection 1: My Sweet Valentine, Home For Christmas, London Belles, Author: Annie Groves
Title: Across the Mersey, Author: Annie Groves
Title: The Grafton Girls, Author: Annie Groves
Title: The House by Princes Park, Author: Maureen Lee
Title: Gracie, Author: Marie Maxwell
Title: Amy's Diary, Author: Maureen Lee
Title: The Nightingale Nurses (Nightingales Series #3), Author: Donna Douglas
Title: A Sixpenny Christmas, Author: Katie Flynn
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Title: Near and Dear: In hard times a young mother discovers her inner strength, Author: Pamela Evans
Title: Keep Smiling Through, Author: Lilian Harry
Title: Some Sunny Day, Author: Annie Groves
Title: The Heart of the Family, Author: Annie Groves
Title: Where the Heart Is, Author: Annie Groves
Title: The Nightingale Sisters: (Nightingales 2), Author: Donna Douglas
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