Title: The Man by the Sea, Author: Jack Benton
Title: Who She Was: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery (The Sylvia Wilcox Series, #1), Author: Braylee Parkinson
Title: She Wore Mourning, Author: P. D. Workman
Title: Bad To The Bones (Evan Buckley Thrillers, #1), Author: James Harper
Title: Black Diamond Death (Sloane Monroe Series #1), Author: Cheryl Bradshaw
Title: The Last Teacher, Author: Alan Lee
Title: Dead at Third, Author: Gregory Payette
Title: Deadly Sins:Wrath (Sloane Monroe Stories #2), Author: Cheryl Bradshaw
Title: My First Murder (Mavis Davis Mysteries, #1), Author: Susan P. Baker
Title: She Was at Risk, Author: P. D. Workman
Title: 1st Shock, Author: Adrienne Giordano
Title: Slow Train, Author: Jack Benton
Title: He Never Forgot, Author: P. D. Workman
Title: The Mysterious Affair at Styles: The First Hercule Poirot Mystery, Author: Agatha Christie
Title: Loose Ends, Author: Craig A. Hart
Title: The Clockmaker's Secret, Author: Jack Benton
Title: Fallen Palm, Author: Wayne Stinnett
Title: She Told a Lie, Author: P. D. Workman
Title: Playing At Murder (Butterworth Cozy Mystery, #1), Author: Gillian Larkin
Title: The Girl Who Said No More, Author: Susan Lund

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