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He turned his journalistic instincts into historical bestsellers.

Robert Harris is an English author and former journalist. He began his publishing career in non-fiction but is best known for his works of historical fiction. His first novel an alternate history Fatherland was published in 1992 and later adapted by HBO in1994 into a movie. His second novel 1995's Enigma was also made into a film. Harris' 1998 novel Archangel was made into a miniseries for the BBC staring Daniel Craig. in 2006 he published Imperium which was the beginning of his Cicero Trilogy. He is married to Gill Hornby, sister of famous novelist Nick Hornby.

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The Second Sleep
Song of a Nation: The Untold Story of Canada's National Anthem
The Politics and Economics of Drug Production on the Pakistan-Afghanistan Border
The Demise Of An Emperor Before The Atlantic Slave Trade
Opp!: Other People's Problems
Lionheart: The Real Life Guide for Adoptive Families
Secrets and Lies Digital Security in a Networked World
The First Time Manager
The E Privacy Imperative
The God Alternative: An argument for the existence of a universal intelligence.
The Gloucester Rugby Miscellany

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Title: München, Author: Robert Harris
Title: The CICS Programmer's Guide to FEPI, Author: Robert Harris
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Title: Changing Suburbs: Foundation, Form and Function / Edition 1, Author: Richard Harris
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Title: Lionheart: The Real Life Guide for Adoptive Families, Author: Jodie Hampshire
Title: Pompeya (Pompeii), Author: Robert Harris

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