Title: In Search of Sisterhood: Delta Sigma Theta and the Challenge of the Black Sorority Movement, Author: Paula J. Giddings
Title: College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex Kittens, and Co-eds, Then and Now, Author: Lynn Peril
NOOK Book $12.99 $16.95 Current price is $12.99, Original price is $16.95.
Title: Yale Needs Women: How the First Group of Girls Rewrote the Rules of an Ivy League Giant, Author: Anne Gardiner Perkins
Title: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Title: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: A Norton Critical Edition / Edition 3, Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Title: Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development of Self, Voice, and Mind 10th Anniversary Edition / Edition 10, Author: Mary Field Belenky
Title: Wollstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Men and a Vindication of the Rights of Woman and Hints / Edition 1, Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Title: Presumed Incompetent II: Race, Class, Power, and Resistance of Women in Academia, Author: Yolanda Flores Niemann
Title: Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities, Author: Alexandra Robbins
Title: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects, Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
Title: Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Advice for Women in Academia, Author: Emily Toth
Title: The Coach's Guide for Women Professors: Who Want a Successful Career and a Well-Balanced Life, Author: Rena Seltzer
Title: Essays of Woman / Edition 2, Author: Edith Stein
Title: the happyness project, Author: Alia Rohain
Title: Empowering Women in Higher Education and Student Affairs: Theory, Research, Narratives, and Practice From Feminist Perspectives, Author: Penny A. Pasque
Title: Landscapes of Learning / Edition 1, Author: Maxine Greene
Title: The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science Is Still a Boys' Club, Author: Eileen Pollack
Title: On Spiritual Strivings: Transforming an African American Woman's Academic Life, Author: Cynthia B. Dillard
NOOK Book $23.99 $31.95 Current price is $23.99, Original price is $31.95.
Title: Toxic Feminism, Author: Ph. D. Eric L. Nelson
Title: Still Failing at Fairness: How Gender Bias Cheats Girls and Boys in School and What We Can Do About It, Author: David Sadker

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