Title: Go For the Goal: A Champion's Guide To Winning In Soccer And Life, Author: Mia Hamm
Title: Varsity's Ultimate Guide to Cheerleading, Author: The Editors of Varsity
Title: The Real Deal Student Athlete Success Kit, Author: Tamara Statman
Title: Girls and Sports, Author: Karen Miller
Title: Winning Volleyball for Girls, Third Edition, Author: Deborah W. Crisfield
Title: Winning Lacrosse for Girls, Author: Becky Swissler
Title: Girls and Sports, Author: Laura K. Egendorf
Title: Gender and Race in Sports, Author: Duchess  Harris
Title: Sports for Her: A Reference Guide for Teenage Girls, Author: Penny Hastings
Title: She's a Champion, Author: Valerie Goodwin-Colbert
Title: How i Saved My Couple Through SOCCER!, Author: Emmanuel Mote Pre-Order Now