Title: The Carbon Diaries 2015, Author: Saci Lloyd
Title: Elemental Thief, Author: Rachel Morgan
Title: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine, Author: Ray Kurzweil
Title: Empress of a Thousand Skies, Author: Rhoda Belleza
Title: The Murder Complex (Murder Complex Series #1), Author: Lindsay Cummings
Title: Poet Anderson ...In Darkness, Author: Tom DeLonge
Title: Poet Anderson ...Of Nightmares, Author: Tom DeLonge
Title: All Our Yesterdays, Author: Cristin Terrill
Title: Secondhand Origin Stories, Author: Lee Blauersouth
Title: Before I Disappear, Author: Danielle Stinson
Title: Scarlet (Crónicas lunares serie #2), Author: Marissa Meyer
Title: Cinder: Cronache lunari #1 (Lunar Chronicles Series #1) Italian edition, Author: Marissa Meyer
Title: 5 to 1, Author: Holly Bodger
Title: The Fox Inheritance, Author: Mary E. Pearson
Title: Ignite, Author: Ashley C. Harris Pre-Order Now
Title: Mayfly, Author: Jeff Sweat
Title: Empress of the Sun, Author: Ian McDonald
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Title: Crusaders of a Dying Breed, Author: Dave Cravens
Title: Scan, Author: Walter Jury
Title: Burn, Author: Sarah Fine

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