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Title: On Beale Street, Author: Ronald Kidd
Title: Stars Over Zephyr, Author: Kathryn Lee Martin
Title: Confederates Don't Wear Couture, Author: Stephanie Kate Strohm
Title: The Writings on the Wall, Author: Teen Writers Guild of Frankford High School
Title: Stay with Me, Author: Garret Freymann-Weyr
Title: Dead Time, Author: D. L. Orton
Title: The Painters of Lexieville, Author: Sharon Darrow
Title: Too Young to Die, Author: Sivuyile Mazantsi
Title: My Beating Teenage Heart, Author: C. K. Kelly Martin
Title: Rules of Summer, Author: Joanna Philbin
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Title: The Night I Freed John Brown, Author: John Michael Cummings
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Title: Prison Boy, Author: Sharon E. McKay
Title: Imperial Legends: Battle for the Kairoshino Priestess:, Author: Kristina Knapp
Title: Infinite Sky, Author: C. J. Flood
Title: Bought, Author: Jody Calkins
Title: Lilith's Ark: Teenage Tales of Biblical Women, Author: Deborah Bodin Cohen

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