Title: Understanding Our Mind: 50 Verses on Buddhist Psychology, Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
Title: Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying: An Exploration of Consciousness, Author: Dalai Lama
Title: My Infinite Self: memoirs of an eternal being, Author: Lisa Rae Brooks
Title: God Is Not Dead: What Quantum Physics Tells Us about Our Origins and How We Should Live, Author: Amit Goswami
Title: The Future of the Ancient World: Essays on the History of Consciousness, Author: Jeremy Naydler
Title: METATOMICS: THE GRAND DESIGN, Author: Todd Fischer
Title: Geopolitical & Geo-Economic Quantum Calibrations, Author: Lada Ray
Title: Watch: Wide-Awake Faith in a World Fast Asleep, Author: Rick James
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Title: The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain: A Neurologist's Search for the God Experience, Author: Kevin Nelson
Title: The Origin of Human Nature: A Zen Buddhist Looks at Evolution, Author: Albert Low
Title: The Unshuttered Heart: Opening Aliveness/Deadness in the Self, Author: Ann Belford Ulanov
Title: Sufi Book of Spiritual Ascent: (Al-Risala Al-Qushayriya), Author: Abu'L-Qasim Al-Qushayri
Title: A Philosopher's Evolution: through sketch and symbolism, Author: Mike Bhangu
Title: The Phaselock Code: Through Time, Death and Reality: The Metaphysical Adventures of the Man Who Fell Off Everest, Author: Roger Hart
Title: My Infinite Self, Author: Lisa Rae Brooks
Title: The Triumph of Conscience, Author: Viktor Atman
Title: The Essential Spiral: Ecology and Consciousness after 9/11, Author: Ian Prattis
Title: Wandering God: A Study in Nomadic Spirituality / Edition 1, Author: Morris Berman
Title: The Secret Dowry of Eve: Woman's Role in the Development of Consciousness, Author: Glynda-Lee Hoffmann
Title: Immaterial Existence: No Map To Reality, Author: Sam Oputa

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