Title: The Uprooted: Refugees and the United States: A Multidisciplinary Teaching Guide, Author: David M. Donahue
Title: Spike Island: Famine, Author: Michael Martin
NOOK Book $10.99 $11.99 Current price is $10.99, Original price is $11.99.
Title: Tales from China, Author: Cyril Birch
Title: Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About, Author: Margaret Read MacDonald
Title: Find a Story and Tell It: Teaching Journalistic Writing, Author: Marshall Grodin
Title: Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief, Author: William T. Hagan
Title: The African American Music Instruction Guide For Piano, Author: Darshell Dubose-Smith
Title: Hausmannskost statt Hummer am Reisrand: Ein Erfahrungsbericht über Menschen und wie man schwere Zeiten meistert. Von einem, der es erlebt hat., Author: Thimo Beil
Title: New Year's to Kwanzaa: Original Stories of Celebration, Author: Kendall Haven
Title: Pocahontas, Author: Sandra Becker
Title: The Arab-Israeli Conflict (Atlas of Conflicts Series), Author: Alex Woolf
Title: Bound Feet and Western Dress: A Memoir, Author: Pang-Mei Chang
Title: Worth the Detour: A History of the Guidebook, Author: Nicholas Parsons
NOOK Book $10.99 $11.99 Current price is $10.99, Original price is $11.99.
Title: Long Before the Pilgrims/Anos Antes de Los Peregrinos: The First Thanksgiving, El Paso del Norte, 1598/El Primer Dia de Accion de Gracias, El Paso del, Author: Bill O'Neal
Title: Tales from Grimm, Author: Wanda Gag
Title: The Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain, Author: Denise Ortakales
Title: Can't Stop Won't Stop (Young Adult Edition): A History of the Hip-Hop Generation, Author: Jeff Chang Pre-Order Now
Title: My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker, Author: Melissa Burch
Title: African-American Folktales for Young Readers, Author: Richard Young
Title: Treasures of the Great Silk Road, Author: Edgar Knobloch
NOOK Book $10.99 $11.99 Current price is $10.99, Original price is $11.99.

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