Title: The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits: Stories, Author: Emma Donoghue
Title: All Saints, Author: Jason Jack Miller
Title: A Short History of Indians in Canada, Author: Thomas King
Title: Collected Stories, Author: Carol Shields
Title: American Innovations: Stories, Author: Rivka Galchen
Title: Secrets from the Vinyl Cafe, Author: Stuart  McLean
Title: Mi vida querida (Dear Life), Author: Alice Munro
Title: Demasiada felicidad (Too Much Happiness), Author: Alice Munro
Title: Secretos a voces (Open Secrets), Author: Alice Munro
Title: Zolitude, Author: Paige Cooper
Title: The Dark and Other Love Stories, Author: Deborah Willis
Title: The Complete Stories of Morley Callaghan: Volume Four, Author: Morley Callaghan
Title: 16 Categories of Desire, Author: Douglas Glover
Title: Better Living Through Plastic Explosives, Author: Zsuzsi  Gartner
Title: Literary Lapses: (Stephen Leacock Classics Collection), Author: Stephen Leacock
Title: Happy Pilgrims, Author: Stephen Finucan
Title: My Financial Career and Other Follies, Author: Stephen Leacock
Title: That Time I Loved You, Author: Carrianne Leung
Title: Heritage of Smoke, Author: Josip Novakovich
Title: Daydreams of Angels: Stories, Author: Heather O'Neill

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