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Title: How to Save Your Marriage Alone, Author: Ed Wheat
Title: Pornography: Slaying the Dragon, Author: David Powlison
Title: The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana: The Classic Burton Translation, Author: Vatsyayana
Title: Triebe und Triebschicksale - Die Unterscheidung vom Triebreiz und anderen physiologischen Reizen: Die Selbsterhaltungstriebe und die Sexualtriebe, Author: Sigmund Freud
Title: On Monogamy, Author: Tertullian
Title: On an ism: (pleasing biographical notes), Author: Juan Antonio Rincon Legaz
Title: Sex & Sanctity Of Life, Author: William E. May
Title: Good Sex Great God: God's design, our desires, & the world that fights against us, Author: Sarah Moulton
Title: How To Prepare Your Vagina For Marriage, Author: Chrystle Jones