Title: Small Matters: The Hidden Power of the Unseen, Author: Heather Ferranti Kinser
Title: Excavators, Author: Aaron Carr
Title: Let's Find Wedges, Author: Wiley Blevins
Title: Simple Machines Made Simple, Author: Ralph E. St. Andre
Title: Bulldozers, Author: Chris Bowman
Title: Build It! Robots: Make Supercool Models with Your Favorite LEGO Parts, Author: Jennifer Kemmeter
Title: Amazing MakerSpace DIY Basic Machines (A True Book: Makerspace Projects), Author: Kristina A. Holzweiss
Title: Building the Hoover Dam, Author: Elsie Olson
Title: Artificial Intelligence: Can Computers Take Over?, Author: Rebecca Felix
Title: My Favorite Machine: Excavators, Author: Victoria Marcos
Title: Robotics: From Automatons to the Roomba, Author: Racquel Foran
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Title: Miniature Robots, Author: Anastasia Suen
Title: Robots in the Military, Author: Louise Spilsbury
Title: Diggers, Author: Marv Alinas
Title: Flying Robots, Author: Daniel R. Faust
Title: Robots, Author: Angie Smibert
Title: Machines to Thrill You!, Author: Grace Hansen
Title: Let's Find Pulleys, Author: Wiley Blevins
Title: Pulleys, Author: Andrea Rivera
Title: Space Robots, Author: Steve Kortenkamp

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