Title: First 100 Trucks (Bright Baby Series), Author: Roger Priddy
Title: Noisy Digger Peekaboo!: 5 Truck Sounds!, Author: DK
Title: How Machines Work: Zoo Break!, Author: David Macaulay
Title: IncrediBuilds: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: BB-8 Deluxe Book and Model Set: An Inside Look at the Intrepid Little Astromech Droid, Author: Insight Editions
Title: Tools, Author: Ann Morris
Title: Science Year by Year: A Visual History, From Stone Tools to Space Travel, Author: DK
Title: Wheels on the Go! (Look and See! Series), Author: Sterling Children's Books
Title: The Book of Massively Epic Engineering Disasters: 33 Thrilling Experiments Based on History's Greatest Blunders, Author: Sean Connolly
Title: My First Bilingual Book-Tools (English-Spanish), Author: Milet Publishing
Title: Cranes, Author: Kathryn Clay
Title: Counting Machines, Author: Scholastic
Title: Building Your Own Robots: Design and Build Your First Robot!, Author: Gordon McComb
Title: How Do You Lift a Lion?, Author: Robert E. Wells
Title: Robotics!: With 25 Science Projects for Kids, Author: Carmella Van Vleet
Title: Bots! Robotics Engineering: with Hands-On Makerspace Activities, Author: Kathy Ceceri
Title: Robot (DK Eyewitness Books Series), Author: Roger Bridgman
Title: Bulldozers, Author: Amanda Askew
Title: Dump Trucks and Other Big Machines, Author: Ian Graham
Title: Build a Robot! (Maker Comics Series), Author: Colleen AF Venable Pre-Order Now
Title: What Do Wheels Do All Day?, Author: April Jones Prince

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