Title: African American Inventors, Author: Otha Richard Sullivan
Title: Black Stars: African American Women Scientists and Inventors, Author: Otha Richard Sullivan
Title: Inventions: A Visual Encyclopedia, Author: DK
Title: How to Make Slime, Author: Lori Shores
Title: All of Us: A Young People's History of the World, Author: Christophe Ylla-Somers
Title: Engineering the NYC Subway System, Author: Cecilia Pinto McCarthy
Title: Cell Phone Science: What Happens When You Call and Why, Author: Michele Sequeira
Title: Engineering the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Author: Adam Furgang
Title: Engineering the International Space Station, Author: Cecilia Pinto McCarthy
Title: SpaceX and Tesla Motors Engineer Elon Musk, Author: Matt Doeden
Title: ¿Cómo se hace el chocolate? (How Is Chocolate Made?) (Spanish Version), Author: Grace Hansen
Title: Women Inventors Hidden in History, Author: Petrice Custance
Title: Engineering the Taj Mahal, Author: Laura K. Murray
Title: Board Game Builder: Milton Bradley (Toy Trailblazers), Author: Lee Slater
Title: When Thomas Edison Fed Someone Worms, Author: Mark Weakland
Title: Rubik's Cube Creator: Erno Rubik, Author: Paige V Polinsky
Title: Toilets, Author: Tracy Abell
Title: Lasers, Author: Nina Morgan
Title: Thomas Edison, Author: Rebecca Gomez
Title: Go-Karts, Author: Jeff Barger

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