Title: What's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?, Author: Jean Fritz
Title: Inventors Who Changed the World, Author: Heidi Poelman
Title: Magic Tree House Fact Tracker #41: Benjamin Franklin: A nonfiction companion to Magic Tree House #32: To the Future, Ben Franklin!, Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Title: The Boy Who Invented TV: The Story of Philo Farnsworth, Author: Kathleen Krull
Title: The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving into History (Epic Fails Series #1), Author: Ben Thompson
Title: Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin, Author: Gene Barretta
Title: The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin, Author: James Cross Giblin
Title: Kid Who Invented the Popsicle: And Other Surprising Stories about Inventions, Author: Don L. Wulffson
Title: A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin, Author: David A. Adler
Title: The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of American Aviation, Author: Quentin Reynolds
Title: The Story of Thomas Alva Edison, Author: Margaret Cousins
Title: How a City Works, Author: D. J. Ward
Title: Technology: A Byte-sized World! (Basher Science Series), Author: Simon Basher
Title: Calling All Minds: How To Think and Create Like an Inventor, Author: Temple Grandin
Title: Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia, Author: Margaret Cousins
Title: My First Book of Incredible Inventions, Author: Flying Frog
Title: Timeless Thomas: How Thomas Edison Changed Our Lives, Author: Gene Barretta
Title: A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison, Author: David A. Adler
Title: Blockchain for Babies, Author: Chris Ferrie
Title: Trailblazers: 33 Women in Science Who Changed the World, Author: Rachel Swaby

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