Title: Who Was Steve Jobs?, Author: Pamela Pollack
Title: Who Is Bill Gates?, Author: Patricia Brennan Demuth
Title: Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World, Author: Reshma Saujani
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Title: Making YouTube Videos: Star in Your Own Video!, Author: Nick Willoughby
Title: How to Talk to Your Computer, Author: Seymour Simon
Title: DK Workbooks: Coding in Scratch: Games Workbook: Create Your Own Fun and Easy Computer Games, Author: Jon Woodcock
Title: Steve Jobs, Author: Joanne Mattern
Title: From an Idea to Google: How Innovation at Google Changed the World, Author: Lowey Bundy Sichol
Title: DK Workbooks: Computer Coding: An Introduction to Computer Programming, Author: DK
Title: DK Workbooks: Coding in Scratch: Projects Workbook: Make Cool Art, Interactive Images, and Zany Music, Author: Jon Woodcock
Title: DK Workbooks: Coding with Scratch Workbook, Author: DK
Title: Writing Computer Code: Learn the Language of Computers!, Author: Chris Minnick
Title: Modding Minecraft: Build Your Own Minecraft Mods!, Author: Sarah Guthals
Title: Getting Started with Coding: Get Creative with Code!, Author: Camille McCue Ph.D
Title: Steve Jobs: Thinking Differently, Author: Patricia Lakin
Title: The Unofficial Guide to Minecraft Construction, Author: Heather E. Schwartz
Title: DK Workbooks: Raspberry Pi Projects Workbook, Author: DK
Title: How Computers Work, Author: Ben Hubbard
Title: Computer Decoder: Dorothy Vaughn, Computer Scientist, Author: Andi Diehn
Title: A Garfield ® Guide to Online Etiquette: Be Kind Online, Author: Scott Nickel

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