Title: Sylvia Earle: Deep Sea Explorer and Ocean Activist, Author: Katherine White
Title: Oceans (Insiders Series), Author: Beverly McMillan
Title: Little Monsters: The Creatures that Live on Us and in Us: The Creatures that Live on Us and in Us, Author: Albert Marrin
Title: Watson and Crick and DNA, Author: Christy Marx
Title: ABC Oceans, Author: American Museum of Natural History
Title: Sharks, Dolphins, and Other Sea Creatures (Ultimate Factivity Collection Series), Author: DK Publishing
Title: Forensics in the Real World, Author: L. E. Carmichael
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Title: The Wonder of Underwater Animals, Author: Chain Sales
Title: Life in a Tide Pool, Author: Allan Fowler
Title: Our Bodies, Author: John Woodward
Title: Ancient Animals: Plesiosaur, Author: Sarah L. Thomson
Title: What Do You Find in a Coral Reef?, Author: Megan Kopp
Title: DNA (Content and Literacy in Science Grade 5), Author: Wendy Conklin
Title: GIANTmicrobes--Cells Coloring Book, Author: GIANTmicrobes
Title: All About Light, Author: Angela Royston

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