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Title: ETHICS-TIE-SELECTED LETTERS / Edition 2, Author: Benedict de Spinoza
Title: Maxims, Author: La Rochefoucauld
Title: Rights Of Man, Author: Thomas Paine
Title: Religio Medici and Urne-Buriall, Author: Thomas Browne
Title: The Portable Enlightenment Reader, Author: Various
Title: Discourse on Method and Related Writings, Author: Rene Descartes
Title: Descartes, Author: Tom Sorell
Title: The Rationalists: Descartes: Discourse on Method and Meditations; Spinoza: Ethics; Leibniz: Monadology and Discourse on Metaphysics, Author: Rene Descartes
Title: On the Aesthetic Education of Man, Author: Friedrich Schiller
Title: Along the Path to Enlightenment: 365 Daily Reflections from David R. Hawkins, Author: David R. Hawkins
Title: Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Paganism, Author: Peter Gay
Title: The Catholic Enlightenment: The Forgotten History of a Global Movement, Author: William K. Warren
Title: The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth-Century Philosophers, Author: Carl L. Becker
Title: The Critique of Practical Reason, Author: Immanuel Kant
Title: Leviathan, Author: Thomas Hobbes
Title: A Revolution of the Mind: Radical Enlightenment and the Intellectual Origins of Modern Democracy, Author: Jonathan Israel
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Title: Locke: A Very Short Introduction, Author: John Dunn
Title: Sacramental Poetics at the Dawn of Secularism: When God Left the World, Author: Regina Mara Schwartz
Title: Revolutions Revisited: Two Faces of the Politics of Enlightenment, Author: Ralph Lerner
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Title: Practical Matter, Author: Margaret C. Jacob
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