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Title: Sick Souls, Healthy Minds: How William James Can Save Your Life, Author: John Kaag
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Title: Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Modern Library Series), Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: Fear and Trembling, Author: Soren Kierkegaard
Title: Utopia, Author: Thomas More
Title: Leviathan (Wisehouse Classics - The Original Authoritative Edition), Author: Thomas Hobbes
Title: The Analysis of Mind, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: Emerson: Poems, Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Title: Beyond Good and Evil: Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future, Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: Second Treatise of Government, Author: John Locke
Title: The Rights of Man, Author: Thomas Paine
Title: Walking, Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Kierkegaard, Author: Patrick Gardiner
Title: On Liberty, Author: John Stuart Mill
Title: Schopenhauer, Author: Christopher Janaway
Title: Jewish Philosophy as a Guide to Life: Rosenzweig, Buber, Levinas, Wittgenstein, Author: Hilary Putnam
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Title: Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Author: David Hume
Title: Walden or Life in the Woods (Wisehouse Classics Edition) (2016), Author: Henry David Thoreau
Title: Democracy and Education, Author: John Dewey
Title: Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling, Author: John Taylor Gatto
Title: The New Atlantis, Author: Francis Bacon

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