Title: Living with the Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught Me about Happiness, Gratitude, and Focus, Author: Jesse Itzler
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Title: Led by His Love: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey to the Orthodox Faith, Author: Gordon Thomas Walker
Title: Facing East: A Pilgrim's Journey into the Mysteries of Orthodoxy, Author: Frederica Mathewes-Green
Title: Orthodox Christianity Volume V, Author: Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev
Title: On Christian Leadership: The Letters of Alexander Schmemann and Georges Florovsky (1947-1955), Author: Paul Gavrilyuk
Title: Metaphysics as a Personal Adventure, Author: Norman Russell
Title: The Orthodox Faith Volume one: Doctrine and Scripture, Author: Thomas Hopko
Title: His Life is Mine, Author: Saint Sophrony
Title: Habib Girgis, Author: Bishop Suriel
Title: On Pascha (Second Edition), Author: Alistair Stewart
Title: Counsels on the Spiritual Life, Author: Mark the Monk
Title: Padre Arsenio, 1893-1973, Author: Carmen Gloria Burgos
Title: The Ascent of Christian Law, Author: John A. McGuckin
Title: The Odyssey of a New Religion: The Holy Order of MANS From New Age to Orthodoxy, Author: Phillip Charles Lucas
Title: On Fasting and Feasts, Author: St Basil the Great
Title: My Life's Journey, Author: Thomas Hopko
Title: Antony Bashir, Author: Constantine Nasr
Title: Living in God's Creation, Author: Elizabeth Theokritoff
Title: In the Spirit of Happiness, Author: Monks of New Skete
Title: Apostle to the Plains: The Life of Father Nicola Yanney, Author: The Saint Raphael Clergy Brotherhood

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