Title: This Eternity of Masks and Shadows, Author: Karsten Knight
Title: Dark Waters, Author: Grayson Taylor
Title: The House on Cemetery Hill, Author: Barry Forbes
Title: Poems from the Heart, Author: Freeman
Title: 3 Bullets:
Title: Animal Candy, Author: James Owens
Title: Killers Among, Author: S. E. Green
Title: From the Ashes, Author: Patricia H. Rushford
Title: Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry, Author: Jen Conley
Title: Blood of Scars, Author: Brit Snow
Title: bad apple project, Author: Benjamin Wellington
Title: Emma Beware, Book One, Author: Michelle Iden
Title: The Disappearance of Charlotte Walters Complete Series, Author: L. C. Warman
Title: Lucid Design, Author: Kate Tailor
Title: Dr. V's School for Villains, Author: Mark Brickwedde
Title: Capfield: The Racketeer, Author: E. P. Spiegel
Title: The Book of Promises, Author: Tammy Bird
Title: Invisible, Author: D. R. Fuller
Title: The House In The Middle Of Nowhere, Author: Ann Fliehe
Title: Say Something, Author: Cathy Morrison

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