Title: Discombobulated: Malice vs Empathy, Author: Patricia Dye
Title: Raine, Author: Ty Sam-Davis
Title: El agente secreto, Author: Joseph Conrad
Title: Knight @nd Daye, Author: Rell Felder
Title: Missing Dad 5, Author: J Ryan
by J Ryan
Title: bad apple project, Author: Benjamin Wellington
Title: The Callous Catcher, Author: Ebony Easter
Title: Miss Lucy's Secret: Don't Tell Jamey, Author: Jimmy Beard
Title: The War Between, Author: Madison Ketchum
Title: I, Darcy, Author: T.C. Harrison
Title: Nevaeh Lips Together, Author: Marcel Ray Duriez
Title: The Last of the Missing, Author: Alexandra Killworth
Title: Clara Beware, Book Two, Author: Michelle Iden
Title: Real Detective, Author: A Mccarthy
Title: Across the Border, Author: Troy Reed
Title: Sin4Life, Author: Parish Sherman
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Title: Die verflixte dritte Leiche: Ein weiterer Fall für acht Pfoten, Author: Gabriela Hofer
Title: Chances Are, Author: William C. Howard
Title: Blink, Author: Steve Schroeder
Title: Complete Mystery- Mystery Boys and the Inca Gold Secret of the Golden Sun Captain Kidd's Message Mystery Crash, Author: Van Powell

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