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Title: How Dante Can Save Your Life: The Life-Changing Wisdom of History's Greatest Poem, Author: Rod Dreher
Title: Outlines of Romantic Theology, Author: Charles Williams PhD
Title: Marx's Inferno: The Political Theory of Capital, Author: William Clare Roberts
Title: Dante's Inferno, The Indiana Critical Edition / Edition 1, Author: Dante Alighieri
Title: Reading Dante: From Here to Eternity, Author: Prue Shaw
Title: A Literary Tour of Italy, Author: Tim Parks
Title: Dante's Vita Nuova, New Edition / Edition 1, Author: Dante Alighieri
Title: A Place to Live and Other Selected Essays of Natalia Ginzburg, Author: Natalia Ginzburg
Title: Dark Way to Paradise: Dante's Inferno in Light of the Spiritual Path, Author: Jennifer D. Upton
Title: Dante: The Story of His Life, Author: Marco Santagata
Title: Understanding Primo Levi, Author: Nicholas Patruno
Title: Selected Letters, Author: Cicero
Title: Inventing the Enemy, Author: Umberto Eco
Title: The Merits of Women: Wherein Is Revealed Their Nobility and Their Superiority to Men, Author: Moderata Fonte
Title: Selections from Cultural Writings, Author: Antonio Gramsci
Title: Stupendous, Miserable City: Pasolini's Rome, Author: John David Rhodes
Title: Writers In Transition, Author: Dino Minni
Title: Dell'arte della guerra, Author: Niccolï Machiavelli
Title: Dante Revisited: Essays By Anne Paolucci, Author: Anne Paolucci
Title: Dante in Love: The World's Greatest Poem and How It Made History, Author: Harriet Rubin

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