Title: How the French Invented Love: Nine Hundred Years of Passion and Romance, Author: Marilyn Yalom
Title: The Love Affair as a Work of Art, Author: Dan Hofstadter
Title: Poetry and the Police: Communication Networks in Eighteenth-Century Paris, Author: Robert Darnton
Title: Venice for Lovers, Author: Louis Begley
Title: André Gide: A Life in the Present, Author: Alan Sheridan
Title: New Critical Essays, Author: Roland Barthes
Title: Dining with Marcel Proust: A Practical Guide to French Cuisine of the Belle Epoque, Author: Shirley King
Title: Marcel Proust: An English Tribute, Author: C. K. Scott-Moncrieff
Title: Lost Profiles: Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism, Author: Philippe Soupault
Title: Poems of Andre Breton: A Bilingual Anthology, Author: Andre Breton
Title: Rousseau and Romanticism, Author: Irving Babbitt
Title: Portraits, Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Title: After Montaigne: Contemporary Essayists Cover the Essays, Author: David Lazar
Title: Rimbaud and Jim Morrison: The Rebel as Poet, Author: Wallace Fowlie
Title: Representative Men: Seven Lectures, Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Title: French profiles, Author: Edmund Gosse
Title: A Tale of Two Cities Illustrated, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Margin/Alias: Language and Colonization in Canadian and Quebecois Fiction, Author: Sylvia Soderlind
Title: Babel Guide to French Fiction in English Translation, Author: Ray Keenoy
Title: Reading Kristeva: Unraveling the Double-bind, Author: Kelly Oliver

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