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Title: Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method, Author: Gerard Genette
Title: The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables, Author: David Bellos
Title: Prousts Way: A Field Guide to
Title: Montaigne: A Life, Author: Philippe Desan
Title: French Literature: A Very Short Introduction, Author: John D. Lyons
Title: Jean-Paul Sartre, Author: Annie Cohen-Solal
Title: Flaubert, Joyce and Beckett: The Stoic Commedians, Author: Hugh Kenner
Title: The Secret Message of Jules Verne: Decoding His Masonic, Rosicrucian, and Occult Writings, Author: Michel Lamy
Title: How the French Invented Love: Nine Hundred Years of Passion and Romance, Author: Marilyn Yalom
Title: The Love Affair as a Work of Art, Author: Dan Hofstadter
Title: The Writing of the Disaster / Edition 2, Author: Maurice Blanchot
Title: Writing Degree Zero, Author: Roland Barthes
Title: New Critical Essays, Author: Roland Barthes
Title: Dining with Marcel Proust: A Practical Guide to French Cuisine of the Belle Epoque, Author: Shirley King
Title: A Proust Questionnaire: Discover Your Truest Self--in 30 Simple Questions, Author: Joanna Neborsky
Title: André Gide: A Life in the Present, Author: Alan Sheridan
Title: Marcel Proust: An English Tribute, Author: C. K. Scott-Moncrieff
Title: Lost Profiles: Memoirs of Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism, Author: Philippe Soupault
Title: Passionate Minds: Emilie du Chatelet, Voltaire, and the Great Love Affair of the Enlightenment, Author: David Bodanis
Title: Rousseau and Romanticism, Author: Irving Babbitt

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