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Title: The Idea of Decadence in French Literature, 1830-1900, Author: A.E. Carter
Title: The Timelessness of Proust, Author: Charles R. Embry
Title: Proust's Lesbianism, Author: Elisabeth Ladenson
Title: The Year of Reading Proust: A Memoir in Real Time, Author: Phyllis Rose
Title: Christine de Pizan: Her Life and Works, Author: Charity Cannon Willard
Title: Thinking Fascism: Sapphic Modernism and Fascist Modernity, Author: Erin G. Carlston
Title: Bataille's Peak: Energy, Religion, and Postsustainability, Author: University Of Minnesota Press
Title: The Love Debate Poems of Christine de Pizan, Author: Barbara K. Altmann
Title: Lautreamont, Author: Gaston Bachelard
Title: Beckett at 100: Revolving it All, Author: Linda Ben-Zvi
Title: Michel De Montaigne, Author: Edith Sichel
Title: Man in the Iron Mask - An Essay, Author: Alexandre Dumas
Title: Simone de Beauvoir Writing the Self: Philosophy Becomes Autobiography, Author: Jo-Ann Pilardi

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