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Title: The Power of Allegiances: Identity, Culture and Representational Strategies, Author: Marino Tuzi
Title: The Voice is the Story: Conversations with Canadian Writers of Short Fiction, Author: Laurie Kruk
Title: Revolutions: Essays on Contemporary Canadian Fiction, Author: Alex Good
Title: Grandchild of Empire: About Irony, Mainly in the Commonwealth, Author: W. H. New
Title: The Bush Garden: Essays on the Canadian Imagination, Author: Northrop Frye
Title: At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination: A Reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan, Author: John Moss
Title: God's Plenty: A Study of Hugh Hood's Short Fiction, Author: W. J. Keith
Title: Bibliographie critique du roman canadien-francaise, 1837-1900, Author: David M Hayne
Title: Paradise, Author: Louis Dudek
Title: First (Wrong) Impressions, Author: Krista D. Ball
Title: David Helwig: Essays on His Works, Author: Ingrid Ruthig
Title: Don McKay: Essays on His Works, Author: Brian Bartlett
Title: Context North America: Canadian-U.S. Literary Relations, Author: Camille La Bossiere
Title: Alice Munro: Writing Her Lives, Author: Robert Thacker
Title: Angeline de Montbrun, Author: Laure Conan
Title: Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English, Author: Carl F. Klinck
Title: Writing in the Father's House: The Emergence of the Feminine in the Quebec Literary Tradition, Author: Patricia Smart
Title: Writers In Transition, Author: Dino Minni
Title: Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works, Author: Nicole Markoti
Title: The Dusty Bookcase: A Journey Through Canada's Forgotten, Neglected and Suppressed Writing, Author: Brian Busby

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