Title: Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?, Author: Michael J. Sandel
Title: Critical Race Theory (Third Edition): An Introduction, Author: Richard Delgado
Title: The Rule of Law, Author: Tom Bingham
Title: The Legal Analyst: A Toolkit for Thinking about the Law / Edition 1, Author: Ward Farnsworth
Paperback $27.69 $29.00 Current price is $27.69, Original price is $29.00.
Title: The Law, Author: Frederic Bastiat
Title: Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution, Author: Stephen Breyer
Title: The Concept of Law / Edition 3, Author: HLA Hart
Title: Invitation to Law and Society, Second Edition: An Introduction to the Study of Real Law, Author: Kitty Calavita
Title: How Judges Think, Author: Richard A. Posner
Title: Lectures on Jurisprudence / Edition 1, Author: Adam Smith
Paperback $13.05 $14.50 Current price is $13.05, Original price is $14.50.
Title: Natural Law and Natural Rights / Edition 2, Author: John Finnis
Title: Law, Justice, and Society: A Sociolegal Introduction / Edition 5, Author: Anthony Walsh
Title: Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Author: Joseph Story
Title: Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene: The Followers of Jesus in History and Legend, Author: Bart D Ehrman
Title: Law in a Time of Crisis, Author: Jonathan Sumption Pre-Order Now
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Title: Double Crossed for Blood: O.J. Simpson's Constitutional Disaster, Author: Henry S. Johnson
Title: Reason in Law, Author: Lief H. Carter
Title: Montesquieu: The Spirit of the Laws, Author: Charles de Montesquieu
Title: Dissecting Death: Secrets of a Medical Examiner, Author: Frederick Zugibe M.D.
Title: Online Courts and the Future of Justice, Author: Richard Susskind

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