Title: My Autobiography: With
Title: My Rise And Fall, Author: Benito Mussolini
Title: Mussolini: The Rise and Fall of Il Duce: The Rise and Fall of Il Duce, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: Italian Fascism: Its Origins and Development, Third Edition / Edition 3, Author: Alexander J. De Grand
Title: Racial Theories in Fascist Italy, Author: Aaron Gillette
Title: Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I, Author: Graziella Parati
Title: Origins and Doctrine of Fascism: With Selections from Other Works, Author: Giovanni Gentile
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Title: Piero Gobetti and the Politics of Liberal Revolution, Author: J. Martin
Title: The Doctrine of Facism, Author: Benito Mussolini
Title: Gramsci: Pre-Prison Writings, Author: Antonio Gramsci
Title: War, States, and Contention: A Comparative Historical Study, Author: Sidney Tarrow
Title: On the Fiery March: Mussolini Prepares for War, Author: G. Bruce Strang
Title: On Liberal Revolution, Author: Piero Gobetti
Title: Mythos Mussolini: Deutsche in Audienz beim Duce, Author: Wolfgang Schieder
Title: Giuseppe Mazzini and the Origins of Fascism, Author: Simon Levis Sullam
Title: Antonio de Viti de Marco: A Story Worth Remembering, Author: Manuela Mosca
Title: Mussolini and Italian Fascism, Author: Giuseppe Finaldi
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Title: Social Bodies: Science, Reproduction, and Italian Modernity, Author: David G. Horn
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Title: Futurism and Politics: Between Anarchist Rebellion and Fascist Reaction, 1909-1944 / Edition 1, Author: Günter Berghaus
Title: Italian Fascism, 1915-1945, Author: Philip Morgan

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