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Title: Travelers in the Third Reich: The Rise of Fascism: 1919-1945, Author: Julia Boyd Pre-Order Now
Paperback $13.37 $18.95 Current price is $13.37, Original price is $18.95.
Title: A New World Begins: The History of the French Revolution, Author: Jeremy Popkin Pre-Order Now
Hardcover $24.50 $35.00 Current price is $24.50, Original price is $35.00.
Title: Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America, Author: Thomas J. Brown Pre-Order Now
Title: How the Few Became the Proud: Crafting the Marine Corps Mystique 1874-1918, Author: Heather P. Venable Pre-Order Now
Title: Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, 1542 to 2018, Author: David Kipen Pre-Order Now
Title: A Dirty South Manifesto: Sexual Resistance and Imagination in the New South, Author: L.H. Stallings Pre-Order Now
Title: Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Author: Alan Bullock Pre-Order Now
Title: The Great Democracy: How to Fix Our Politics, Unrig the Economy, and Unite America, Author: Ganesh Sitaraman Pre-Order Now
Title: Fighting the Great War at Sea: Strategy, Tactics and Technology, Author: Norman Friedman Pre-Order Now
Title: The Sikhs, Author: Khushwant Singh Pre-Order Now
Title: Jews on the Frontier: Religion and Mobility in Nineteenth-Century America, Author: Shari Rabin Pre-Order Now
Title: Caught in the Maelstrom: The Indian Nations in the Civil War, 1861-1865, Author: Clint Crowe Pre-Order Now
Title: Suspect Saints and Holy Heretics: Disputed Sanctity and Communal Identity in Late Medieval Italy, Author: Janine Larmon Peterson Pre-Order Now
Title: In Search of the Phoenicians, Author: Josephine Quinn Pre-Order Now
Title: Insurrection: Scotland's Famine Winter, Author: James Hunter Pre-Order Now
Hardcover $27.06 $34.95 Current price is $27.06, Original price is $34.95.
Title: Dancing the World Smaller: Staging Globalism in Mid-Century America, Author: Rebekah J. Kowal Pre-Order Now
Title: Cook, Taste, Learn: How the Evolution of Science Transformed the Art of Cooking, Author: Guy Crosby Ph.D Pre-Order Now
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Title: New Orleans, Louisiana, and Saint-Louis, Senegal: Mirror Cities in the Atlantic World, 1659-2000s, Author: Emily Clark Pre-Order Now
Title: A History of Fascism in France: From the First World War to the National Front, Author: Chris Millington Pre-Order Now
Title: When God Had a Wife: The Fall and Rise of the Sacred Feminine in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Author: Lynn Picknett Pre-Order Now

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