Title: The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club, Author: Phillip Hoose
Hardcover $17.99 $19.99 Current price is $17.99, Original price is $19.99.
Title: Flowers in the Gutter: The True Story of the Edelweiss Pirates, Teenagers Who Resisted the Nazis, Author: K. R. Gaddy
Title: The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia, Author: Candace Fleming
Title: Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow, Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Title: Spies: The Secret Showdown Between America and Russia, Author: Marc Favreau
Hardcover $17.99 $19.99 Current price is $17.99, Original price is $19.99.
Title: Parallel Journeys, Author: Eleanor H. Ayer
Title: A Thousand Sisters: The Heroic Airwomen of the Soviet Union in World War II, Author: Elizabeth Wein
Title: 1493 for Young People: From Columbus's Voyage to Globalization, Author: Charles Mann
Title: Unlikely Warrior: A Jewish Soldier in Hitler's Army, Author: Georg Rauch
Title: Henry VIII (A Wicked History): Royal Beheader, Author: Sean Price
Title: Napoleon I: Emperor and Conqueror, Author: Kimberley Heuston
Title: The Cage: A Holocaust Memoir, Author: Ruth Minsky Sender
Title: King George III (A Wicked History), Author: Philip Brooks
Title: King Arthur, Author: Daniel Mersey
NOOK Book $13.49 $17.60 Current price is $13.49, Original price is $17.60.
Title: Hidden Like Anne Frank: 14 True Stories of Survival: 14 True Stories of Survival, Author: Marcel Prins
Title: Daily Life of the Vikings (Daily Life Through History Series) / Edition 1, Author: Kirsten Wolf
Title: Catherine the Great (A Wicked History), Author: Zu Vincent
Title: Vlad the Impaler: The Real Count Dracula, Author: Enid A. Goldberg
Title: Mary Tudor: Courageous Queen or Bloody Mary?, Author: Jane Buchanan
Title: The Prisoners of Breendonk: Personal Histories from a World War II Concentration Camp, Author: James M. Deem

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