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Title: The Atlantic Slave Trade, Author: Don Nardo
Title: Darfur, Author: Debra A. Miller
Title: Governance and Leadership in Africa, Author: Robert I. Rotberg
Title: The Boer War, Author: Facts on File
Title: Leopold II: Butcher of the Congo, Author: Tod Olson
Title: Civil Wars in Africa, Author: William Mark Habeeb
Title: Uganda, Author: Myra Immell
Title: Islam in Africa, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: The Slave Trade, Author: Rachel Hanel
Title: Worldmark Encyclopedia Of Cultures and Daily Life: Africa, 2nd Edition, Author: Gale
Title: Liberia, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: The Rwandan Genocide, Author: Don Nardo
Title: The End of Apartheid, Author: Alexander Cruden
Title: Population and Overcrowding, Author: Tunde Obadina
Title: The Rwanda Genocide, Author: Christina Fisanick
Title: Southern Africa, Author: Annelise Hobbs
Title: Nelson Mandela: A Reference Guide to His Life and Works, Author: Aran S. MacKinnon
Title: Libya, Author: Noah Berlatsky
Title: Aid to Africa, Author: Debra A. Miller
Title: The Algerian War, Author: Heather Lehr Wagner

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