Title: Underland: A Deep Time Journey, Author: Robert Macfarlane
Title: A Brief History of Earth: Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters, Author: Andrew H. Knoll
Hardcover $18.99 $24.00 Current price is $18.99, Original price is $24.00.
Title: Annals of the Former World, Author: John McPhee
Explore Series
Paperback $19.49 $22.00 Current price is $19.49, Original price is $22.00.
Title: Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World, Author: Marcia Bjornerud
Title: Here on Earth: A Natural History of the Planet, Author: Tim Flannery
NOOK Book $13.49 $17.99 Current price is $13.49, Original price is $17.99.
Title: Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History, Author: Scott Spoolman
Title: The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology, Author: Simon Winchester
Title: Rising from the Plains, Author: John McPhee
Title: The Flood: In the Light of the Bible, Geology, and Archaeology, Author: Alfred M. Rehwinkel
Title: Geology For Dummies, Author: Alecia M. Spooner
Title: Super Volcano: The Ticking Time Bomb Beneath Yellowstone National Park, Author: Greg Breining
Title: Noah's Flood: The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History, Author: William Ryan
Title: Cro-Magnon: How the Ice Age Gave Birth to the First Modern Humans, Author: Brian Fagan
NOOK Book $11.49 $15.20 Current price is $11.49, Original price is $15.20.
Title: Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age, Author: Charles Hapgood
Title: After the Ice Age: The Return of Life to Glaciated North America, Author: E. C. Pielou
Title: T. rex and the Crater of Doom, Author: Walter Alvarez
Title: The Voyage of the Beagle: Charles Darwin's Journal of Researches, Author: Charles Darwin
Title: The Practical Geologist: The Introductory Guide to the Basics of Geology and to Collecting and Identifying Rocks, Author: Dougal Dixon
Title: Bretz's Flood: The Remarkable Story of a Rebel Geologist and the World's Greatest Flood, Author: John Soennichsen
Title: Hard Road West: History and Geology along the Gold Rush Trail, Author: Keith Heyer Meldahl

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