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Title: The Complete Shadow Grail Series: Legacies, Conspiracies, Sacrifices, Victories, Author: Mercedes Lackey
Title: Destiny's Conflict: Book Two of Sword of the Canon (The Wars of Light and Shadow, Book 10), Author: Janny Wurts
Title: Emerson's Story (Creepy Hollow Books 7, 8 & 9), Author: Rachel Morgan
Title: Far Forest Scrolls Na Cearcaill, Author: Alpha Four
Title: Erafeen, Volume 1: Books 1-3, Author: David F. Farris
Title: The Air Omen, Author: Megan Linski
Title: The Fire Prophecy, Author: Megan Linski
Title: The Caretaker, Author: April C Royer
Title: Lost Prophecy: Realm of Secrets, Author: C.C. Rae
Title: The Ember Blade, Author: Chris Wooding
Title: One Magic, Author: April C Royer
Title: Twins of Orion: The Book of Keys, Author: J Rose
Title: Beneath the Citadel, Author: Destiny Soria
Title: The Final Drop: Billy Smith and The Goblins, Book 3, Author: Robert Hewitt Wolfe Pre-Order Now
Title: The War Of Words, Author: Amy Neftzger
Title: Anna, the Princess, and the Pendant, Author: J. E. London
Title: Mystical Tales: The Cursed Queen, Author: Carlo Ocaya
Title: Deep in the Shadow of the Fallen: The Legacy of Zyanthia - Book Three, Author: Chantelle Griffin
Title: Carteis: Paraíso'S Warriors Series, Author: B.K. Miller
Title: Beneath the Darkness, Author: Harley Jane Rose

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