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Title: The Power Within, Author: Jacquelyn Nelson
Title: Don't You Trust Me?, Author: Patrice Kindl
Title: I Will Stay Forever in Your Heart, Author: Amaliya Blyumin
Title: Death by Dinosaur: A Sam Stellar Mystery, Author: Jacqueline Guest
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Title: Look to the Light, Author: Janet Lorimer
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Title: THE SIX TRIBES, Author: Jenaya Vander Stoep
Title: The Hound of the Baskervilles, Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
Title: Whatever Happened to Vida Boheme?, Author: Kaye Joans
Title: Gods & Martyrs (Gabby Wells Thriller, #4), Author: Pete Bauer
Title: Hyde, Author: David Lozano
Title: Dana Dash, Author: S.S. Hudson
Title: The Keepers, Author: LaDonna Cole
Title: The Railas Project, Author: Paul Joseph
Title: How to Disappear, Author: Ann Redisch Stampler
Title: The Mythmaker, Author: Mary Harrell
Title: Deuda de espíritu (Vampire Academy 5), Author: Richelle Mead
Title: A Bar Girl (New Series, #1), Author: Ashok Kumar
Title: The Adventures of Balen Wood, Author: Gavin McCord
Title: Abenteuer im Forsterwald, Author: Heinz Obermann
Title: The Road to Oz, Author: Lyman Frank Baum

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