Title: Carmina Burana, Volume II, Author: David A. Traill
Title: Selections from the 'Carmina Burana', Author: Penguin Books Ltd
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Title: Hrotsvit of Gandersheim: A Florilegium of her Works, Author: Katharina M. Wilson
Title: Carmina Burana, Volume I, Author: David A. Traill
Title: Bede's Latin Poetry, Author: Michael Lapidge
Title: Comic Tales of the Middle Ages: An Anthology and Commentary, Author: Marc Wolterbeek
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Title: Poems, Author: Venantius Fortunatus
Title: Samson Agonistes, Author: John Milton
Title: Maphaeus Vegius and His Thirteenth Book of the Aeneid, Author: Anna Cox Brinton
Title: The Carmen de Hastingae Proelio of Guy Bishop of Amiens / Edition 2, Author: Clarendon Press
Title: Tonight They All Dance (HB), Author: Harudine
Title: Carmen de mundo et partibus: Ein theologisch-physikalisches Lehrgedicht aus der Oxforder Handschrift Bodleian Digby 41, Author: Axel Bergmann
Title: Neo-Latin Women Writers: Elizabeth Jane Weston and Bathsua Reginald (Makin): Printed Writings 1500-1640: Series I, Part Two, Volume 7 / Edition 1, Author: Donald Cheney
Title: Johannes de Hauvilla: Architrenius, Author: Johannes de Hauvilla
Title: Silvae, Author: Angelo Poliziano
Title: The Latin Eclogues, Author: Giovanni Boccaccio
Title: Virgin and the Nightingale, Author: Fleur Adcock
Title: Thomas Wright's Political Songs of England: From the Reign of John to that of Edward II, Author: Thomas Wright
Title: Renaissance Latin Verse: An Anthology, Author: John Sparrow

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