Title: Casino Royale (James Bond Series #1), Author: Ian Fleming
Title: Paradise, Nevada, Author: Dario Diofebi
Title: On the Slam, Author: Honor Hartman
Title: The Picasso Flop, Author: Vince Van Patten
Title: Deadman's Bluff (Tony Valentine Series #7), Author: James Swain
Title: Shut Up and Deal: A Novel, Author: Jesse May
Title: The Prop: A Novel, Author: Pete Hautman
Title: Takeout Double: A Bridge Mystery, Author: Jim Priebe
Title: The Perfect Play: A Novel, Author: Louise Wener
Title: Read 'Em and Weep: A Bedside Poker Companion, Author: John Stravinsky
Title: Michigan Roll, Author: Tom Kakonis
Title: Doubled In Spades, Author: Susan Moody
Title: King Of Hearts, Author: Susan Moody
Title: Bridge Literature: Second Edition, Author: Nick Smith
Title: The Bridge Murders, Author: Merri Borkowski
Title: Deadman's Poker (Tony Valentine Series #6), Author: James Swain
Title: Dead Man's Hand: Crime Fiction at the Poker Table, Author: Otto Penzler
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Title: Girls' Poker Night: A Novel of High Stakes, Author: Jill A. Davis
Title: King Of A Small World, Author: Rick Bennet
Title: Death On the Flop, Author: Jackie Chance

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