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Title: Magic Tricks with Coins, Cards & Everyday Objects, Author: Quarto Books
Title: Harry Potter: A History of Magic (American Edition), Author: British Library
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Title: The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft, Author: Jamie Della
Title: Walter Wick's Optical Tricks, Author: Walter Wick
Title: Big Magic for Little Hands: Levitate Your Brother, Vanish Your Homework, Perform a Houdini-Inspired Escape, Scare the Pants Off Your Parents, and 25 More Astounding Tricks for Young Magicians, Author: Joshua Jay
Title: Escape!: The Story of the Great Houdini, Author: Sid Fleischman
Title: Optical Illusions 2, Author: DK
Title: Illusionology, Author: Albert Schafer
Title: Optical Illusions, Author: DK
Title: The Magician and the Spirits, Author: Deborah Noyes
Title: The Kids' Guide to Magic Tricks, Author: Steven Joseph Charney
Title: Now You See It, Now You Don't: The Amazing World of Optical Illusions, Author: Seymour Simon
Title: Houdini: The Handcuff King, Author: Jason Lutes
Title: What in the World?, Author: National Geographic Kids
Title: Abracadabra!: Fun Magic Tricks for Kids - 30 tricks to make and perform (includes video links), Author: Kristen Kelly
Title: Harry Houdini (The First Names Series), Author: Kjartan Poskitt
Title: Mind Benders, Author: DK
Title: Magic Disappearing Acts, Author: Elsie Olson
Title: Magic Tricks with Cards, Author: Elsie Olson
Title: Magic Tricks with Props, Author: Elsie Olson

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