Title: He: Understanding Masculine Psychology, Author: Robert A. Johnson
Title: The Selected Writings of Christine de Pizan / Edition 1, Author: Christine de Pizan
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Title: Rimbaud: The Cost of Genius, Author: Neal Oxenhandler
Title: Poetry and the Police: Communication Networks in Eighteenth-Century Paris, Author: Robert Darnton
Title: The Writings of Christine de Pizan, Author: Christine de Pizan
Title: Rimbaud and Jim Morrison: The Rebel as Poet, Author: Wallace Fowlie
Title: Nights as Day, Days as Night, Author: Michel Leiris
Title: The Long and the Short of It: A Practical Guide to European Versification Systems, Author: Joseph A. Dane
Title: La Gourmandise de Guillaume Apollinaire, Author: Geneviève Dormann
Title: The Rhythm of Thought: Art, Literature, and Music after Merleau-Ponty, Author: Jessica Wiskus
Title: A Short Survey of Surrealism, Author: David Gascoyne
Title: The Cursed Poets, Author: Paul Verlaine
Title: An Essay on French Verse: For Readers of English Poetry, Author: Jacques Barzun
Title: Reading Boileau: An Integrative Study of the Early Satires (Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures, V. 15), Author: Robert T. Corum
Title: The Faces of Time: Portrayal of the Past in Old French and Latin Historical Narrative of the Anglo-Norman Regnum, Author: Jean Blacker
Title: Three Medieval Views of Women:
Title: St�phane Mallarm�, Author: Roger Pearson
Title: The Emergence of Social Space: Rimbaud and the Paris Commune, Author: Kristin Ross
Title: The Love Debate Poems of Christine de Pizan, Author: Barbara K. Altmann
Title: One Toss of the Dice: The Incredible Story of How a Poem Made Us Modern, Author: R. Howard Bloch
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