Title: The Selfish Gene: 40th Anniversary Edition, Author: Richard Dawkins
Paperback $14.49 $15.95 Current price is $14.49, Original price is $15.95.
Title: Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry, Author: Bryan Sykes
Title: How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog): Visionary Scientists and a Siberian Tale of Jump-Started Evolution, Author: Lee Alan Dugatkin
Title: Climbing Mount Improbable, Author: Richard Dawkins
Title: Phylogenetics, Author: Charles Semple
Title: From DNA to Diversity: Molecular Genetics and the Evolution of Animal Design / Edition 2, Author: Sean B. Carroll
Title: Relics of Eden: The Powerful Evidence of Evolution in Human DNA, Author: Daniel J. Fairbanks
NOOK Book $13.99 $18.00 Current price is $13.99, Original price is $18.00.
Title: Evolutionary Genetics: From Molecules to Morphology, Author: Rama S. Singh
Title: The Founders of Evolutionary Genetics: A Centenary Reappraisal / Edition 1, Author: S. Sarkar
Title: Divergence With Genetic Exchange, Author: Michael L. Arnold
Title: Genetics of Mate Choice: From Sexual Selection to Sexual Isolation / Edition 1, Author: W.J. Etges
Title: Darwinian Detectives: Revealing the Natural History of Genes and Genomes, Author: Norman A. Johnson
Title: Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics / Edition 1, Author: Masatoshi Nei
Title: The Implicit Genome, Author: Lynn Helena Caporale
Title: Genes, Culture, and Human Evolution: A Synthesis / Edition 1, Author: Linda Stone
Title: Evolutionary Quantitative Genetics / Edition 1, Author: Derek A. Roff
Title: Extreme Environmental Change and Evolution, Author: Ary A. Hoffmann
Paperback $73.80 $82.00 Current price is $73.80, Original price is $82.00.
Title: The Evolutionary World: How Adaptation Explains Everything from Seashells to Civilization, Author: Geerat J. Vermeij
Title: DNA Nanoscience: From Prebiotic Origins to Emerging Nanotechnology / Edition 1, Author: Kenneth Douglas
Paperback $76.51 $79.95 Current price is $76.51, Original price is $79.95.
Title: The Genetic Code and the Origin of Life, Author: Lluis Ribas de Pouplana

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