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Title: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature, Author: C. S. Lewis
Title: Thomas Middleton: Four Plays: Women Beware Women, The Changeling, The Roaring Girl and A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, Author: Thomas Middleton
Title: The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition, Author: C. S. Lewis
Title: Shakespeare in Parts, Author: Simon Palfrey
Title: Indirections: Shakespeare and the Art of illusion, Author: Anthony B. Dawson
Title: Lyric Poetry by Women of the Italian Renaissance, Author: Virginia Cox
Title: Recipes for Thought: Knowledge and Taste in the Early Modern English Kitchen, Author: Wendy Wall
Title: Ovid and the Renaissance Body, Author: Goran Stanivukovic
Title: Revisiting The Tempest: The Capacity to Signify, Author: Silvia Bigliazzi
Title: Disgust in Early Modern English Literature / Edition 1, Author: Natalie K. Eschenbaum
Title: Sonnets of Louise Labé, Author: Louise Labé
Title: The Cambridge Companion to Medieval Women's Writing / Edition 1, Author: Carolyn Dinshaw
Title: Ecocriticism and Shakespeare: Reading Ecophobia, Author: Simon C. Estok
Title: The Performance of Nobility in Early Modern European Literature, Author: David M. Posner
Title: Shakespeare's Speculative Art, Author: M. Hunt
Title: The Rhetoric of the Body from Ovid to Shakespeare, Author: Lynn Enterline
Title: Making Space Public in Early Modern Europe: Performance, Geography, Privacy / Edition 1, Author: Angela Vanhaelen
Title: Gaming the Stage: Playable Media and the Rise of English Commercial Theater, Author: Gina Bloom
Title: Androids and Intelligent Networks in Early Modern Literature and Culture: Artificial Slaves / Edition 1, Author: Kevin LaGrandeur
Title: The Fair Maid of the West: Part I and Part II, Author: Thomas Heywood

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