Title: Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying, Author: Maggie Callanan
Title: On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own Families, Author: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Paperback $14.99 $17.00 Current price is $14.99, Original price is $17.00.
Title: Top Five Regrets of the Dying: A Life Transformed by the Dearly Departing, Author: Bronnie Ware
Paperback $14.49 $16.99 Current price is $14.49, Original price is $16.99.
Title: On Death and Dying, Author: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Hardcover $22.49 $25.00 Current price is $22.49, Original price is $25.00.
Title: A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as if It Were Your Last, Author: Stephen Levine
Title: What Does It Feel Like to Die?: Inspiring New Insights into the Experience of Dying, Author: Jennie Dear
Title: What Dying People Want: Practical Wisdom For The End Of Life, Author: David Kuhl
Title: The Wheel of Life: A Memoir of Living and Dying, Author: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Title: Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life, Author: Eugene O'Kelly
NOOK Book $12.99 $17.10 Current price is $12.99, Original price is $17.10.
Title: The Wheel of Life, Author: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
Title: The Needs of the Dying: A Guide for Bringing Hope, Comfort, and Love to Life's Final Chapter, Author: David Kessler
Title: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to the Beginning of the End of Life, Minding the Body: Facilitator Guide, Author: Jason M. Satterfield
Title: Death Without Denial, Grief Without Apology: A Guide for Facing Death and Loss, Author: Barbara K. Roberts
Title: Losing A Parent: Practical Help For You And Other Family Members, Author: Fiona Marshall
Title: The Helper's Journey / Edition 1, Author: Dr. Dale G. Larson
Title: The Caregiving Wife's Handbook: Caring for Your Seriously Ill Husband, Caring for Yourself, Author: Diana B. Denholm
Title: End-Of-Life Stories: Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries / Edition 1, Author: Donald E. Gelfand PhD
Title: Facing Death: Images, Insights, and Interventions: A Handbook For Educators, Healthcare Professionals, And Counselors / Edition 1, Author: Sandra L. Bertman
Title: Solution Focused Practice in End-of-Life and Grief Counseling / Edition 1, Author: Joel Simon MSW
Title: Communication as Comfort: Multiple Voices in Palliative Care / Edition 1, Author: Sandra L. Ragan

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