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Title: Compassion and Common Sense, Author: Carl E. Ockert
Title: Who Should Have Children?: An Environmental and Genetic Approach, Author: Dwight Joyce Ingle
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Title: Summary of The Divide: by Matt Taibbi Includes Analysis, Author: Instaread Summaries
Title: The Changing Face of the Suburbs, Author: Barry Schwartz
Title: Exploring New Ethics for Survival, Author: Garrett Hardin
Title: Private Wants-public Means, Author: Tullock
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Title: Population and Development Planning, Author: Warren C. Robinson
Title: Day of Disaster, Author: Katie Funk Wiebe
Title: Texas Economic Development in Transition: Opportunities for Public-Private Collaboration, Author: Sherman M. Wyman
Title: School Days: An Essay on the Hoover Institution Conference
Title: Strategies for Human Settlements: Habitat and Environment, Author: Gwen Bell
Title: Research and Service: A Fifty Year Record, Author: Dorothy C. Tompkins
Title: Restructuring the Ethnic Peace: A Public Debate at the University of Hawaii, Author: Majid Tehranian
Title: Federal Roles in Support of Public Library Services: An Overview, Author: Redmond Kathleen Molz
Title: Suburbia: The American Dream and Dilemma, Author: Phillip C. Dolce
Title: Planning the Ideal Family: The Small Family Option, Author: Pamela Wasserman
Title: Between Hope and History: Meeting America's Challenges for the 21st Century, Author: Bill Clinton
Title: Emerging Issues in Public Policy: Research Reports and Essays, 1960-1965, a Collection of 6 Years of Public Affairs Reports, Bulletin of the Institute of Governmental Studies, Author: Harriet Nathan
Title: Education for Urban Design, Author: Ann Ferebee
Title: Terminology for Grazing Lands and Grazing Animals, Author: Forage and Grazing Lands Terminology Committee Staff

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