Title: When We Do Harm: A Doctor Confronts Medical Error, Author: Danielle Ofri MD
Title: Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents / Edition 4, Author: American Academy of Pediatrics
Title: Tarascon Primary Care Pocketbook / Edition 4, Author: Joseph S. Esherick
Title: Ending Medical Reversal: Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives, Author: Vinayak K. Prasad
Title: The Fifteen Minute Hour: Efficient and Effective Patient-Centered Consultation Skills, Sixth Edition / Edition 6, Author: Marian Stuart
Title: On Immunity: An Inoculation, Author: Eula Biss
Title: Pfenninger and Fowler's Procedures for Primary Care / Edition 4, Author: Grant C. Fowler MD
Title: Primary Care Psychiatry / Edition 2, Author: Robert M. McCarron MD
Title: Primary Care Psychiatry Handbook, Author: Shawn Hersevoort
Title: Healing Self-Injury: A Compassionate Guide for Parents and Other Loved Ones, Author: Janis Whitlock
Title: Maxwell Quick Medical Reference / Edition 6, Author: Robert W. Maxwell
Title: The DOs: Osteopathic Medicine in America, Author: Norman Gevitz
Title: Symptom to Diagnosis An Evidence Based Guide, Third Edition, Author: Scott D.C. Stern
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Title: The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, Author: David A. Kessler
Title: Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department / Edition 2, Author: Amal Mattu MD
Title: Neurology for the Hospitalist: A Practical Approach, Author: David Likosky
Title: Dermatology Skills for Primary Care: An Illustrated Guide / Edition 1, Author: Daniel J. Trozak
Title: The Patient History: Evidence-Based Approach / Edition 2, Author: Mark Henderson
Title: Autobiography of Andrew T. Still: With a History of the Discovery and Development of the Science of Osteopathy, Author: Andrew Taylor Still
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