Title: The Cat Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide, Author: DK
Title: Encyclopedia of Cat Breeds, Author: J. Anne Helgren
Title: The Complete Cat Breed Book: Choose the Perfect Cat for You, Author: DK
Title: The Cat Who Went to Paris, Author: Peter Gethers
Title: Bengal Cats. Bengal Cat Owners Manual. Guide to owning a happy Bengal cat., Author: Steve Richardson
Title: Siamese Cats as Pets. Complete Owner's Guide to Siamese Cats and Kittens. Including Types of Siamese Cats, Facts, Names, Breeds, Colors, Breeder & Res, Author: Wendy Davis
Title: Maine Coons: Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age. Buying, Caring for, Grooming, Health, Training and Understanding Your Maine Coon Cat or Kitten., Author: Rosemary Kendall
Title: 101 Uses for a Maine Coon Cat, Author: Down East Books
Title: Bombay Cat Owner's Manual. Bombay Cats Facts and Information. Care, Personality, Grooming, Health and Feeding All Included., Author: Elliott Lang
Title: Cornish Rex Cats, The Pet Owner's Guide to Cornish Rex Cats and Kittens Including Buying, Daily Care, Personality, Temperament, Health, Diet, Clubs and Breeders, Author: Colette Anderson
Title: Guide to Owning a Ragdoll Cat: Feeding, Grooming, Exhibition, Temperament, and Health, Author: Susan Nelson
Title: Cat Breeds: Which is Your Perfect Pet?, Author: Linda Sacco
Title: A Cat Abroad, Author: Peter Gethers
Title: Exotic Cat Care guide: African Serval Cat care, Author: mechel whitaker
Title: Bengal Cats and Kittens: Complete Owner's Guide to Bengal Cat and Kitten Care, Author: Taylor David
Title: Munchkin Cat, Author: Sherri L McConnell
Title: Medical, Genetic & Behavioral Risk Factors of Maine Coon Cats, Author: Ross D. Clark
Title: Sphynx Cats. Sphynx Cats Complete Owner?s Guide., Author: Elliott Lang
Title: Our Cats and All about Them: Their Varieties, Habits, and Management; And for Show, the Standard of Excellence and Beauty, Author: Harrison Weir
Title: Guide to Owning an Exotic Shorthair Cat, Author: Karen Commings

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