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Title: Where There's Smoke, Author: Sandra Brown
Title: Charon's Landing, Author: Jack Du Brul
Title: Chocolate Lizards: A Novel, Author: Cole Thompson
Title: Eclipse: A Thriller, Author: Richard North Patterson
Title: King Coal, Author: Upton Sinclair
Title: Black Gold, Author: Fred Bean
Title: Black Gold, Author: Anita Richmond Bunkley
Title: Mexico Way, Author: Robert Moss
Title: Thunder on the Mountain (Hemlock County Series), Author: David Poyer
Title: King Coal (American Classics Series), Author: Upton Sinclair
Title: Sometimes a Great Notion, Author: Ken Kesey
Title: Louisiana Blue (Tiller Galloway Series #3), Author: David Poyer
Title: Friends of Meager Fortune, Author: David Adam Richards
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Title: Split Estate: A Novel, Author: Charlotte Bacon
Title: The Dark Bride: A Novel, Author: Laura Restrepo
Title: Come, the Restorer, Author: William Goyen
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Title: South Of Heaven, Author: Jim Thompson