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Title: Texas Flood: The Inside Story of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Author: Alan Paul
Title: King of the Blues: The Rise and Reign of B.B. King, Author: Daniel de Visé
Title: When I Left Home: My Story, Author: Buddy Guy
Title: Deep Blues: A Musical and Cultural History of the Mississippi Delta, Author: Robert Palmer
Title: Brother Robert: Growing Up with Robert Johnson, Author: Annye C. Anderson
Title: Janis: Her Life and Music, Author: Holly George-Warren
Paperback $16.98 $18.99 Current price is $16.98, Original price is $18.99.
Title: Up Jumped the Devil: The Real Life of Robert Johnson, Author: Bruce Conforth
Title: Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire, Author: Bill Crawford
Title: Guitar King: Michael Bloomfield's Life in the Blues, Author: David Dann
Hardcover $35.95 $39.95 Current price is $35.95, Original price is $39.95.
Title: Love In Vain: Robert Johnson 1911-1938, The Graphic Novel, Author: J.M Dupont
Title: 12-Bar Blues Solos: 25 Authentic Leads Arranged for Guitar in Standard Notation & Tablature, Author: Dave Rubin
Title: Blues With a Twist: Over 50 Years of Behind the Scenes Blues Adventures, Author: Twist Turner
eBook $8.49 $9.99 Current price is $8.49, Original price is $9.99.
Title: Blues All Around Me: The Autobiography of B. B. King, Author: B. B King
Title: A Deeper Blue: The Life and Music of Townes Van Zandt, Author: Robert Earl Hardy
Title: Rock n' Blues Harmonica, Author: Jon Gindick
Title: Charley Patton: Expanded Edition, Author: John Fahey
Title: Billie Holiday: The Musician and the Myth, Author: John Szwed
Title: With Billie: A New Look at the Unforgettable Lady Day, Author: Julia Blackburn
Title: Blues People: Negro Music in White America, Author: Leroi Jones
Title: Can't Be Satisfied: The Life and Times of Muddy Waters, Author: Robert Gordon

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