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Title: Wisconsin Birdlife: Population and Distribution Past and Present, Author: Samuel D. Robbins
Title: Ecological Isolation in Birds, Author: David Lack
Title: Birds of Oregon: Status and Distribution, Author: Jeff Gilligan
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Title: Competition and the Structure of Bird Communities. (MPB-7), Volume 7, Author: Martin L. Cody
Title: Population Biology of Passerine Birds: An Integrated Approach, Author: Jacques Blondel
Title: Oystercatcher: From Individuals to Populations (Oxford Onithology Series), Author: John D. Goss-Custard
Title: Snow Geese, Author: Bruce Batt
Title: Evolutionary Dynamics of a Natural Population: The Large Cactus Finch of the Galapagos, Author: B. Rosemary Grant
Title: Population Ecology of the Bobwhite, Author: John L. Roseberry
Title: Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas: 1986-1992, Author: Brad Jacobs
Title: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Tennessee / Edition 1, Author: Charles P. Nicholson
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