Title: A Most Peculiar Book: The Inherent Strangeness of the Bible, Author: Kristin Swenson
Title: The Ministry of Women in the New Testament: Reclaiming the Biblical Vision for Church Leadership, Author: Dorothy A. Lee
Title: Exodus for Normal People, Author: Peter Enns
Title: Historical Accuracy, Author: Steve Campbell
Title: Daughters of Eve: Women of the Bible, Author: Martyn Whittock
Title: The Protevangelium of James: Greek Text, English Translation, Critical Introduction: Volume 1, Author: George T. Zervos
Title: Sacrifice in Pagan and Christian Antiquity, Author: Robert J. Daly
Title: ATLANTIS RISING, Author: Emma Elmer
Title: Worship in 66 Study Guide Workbook: Small Group Guide, Author: Shaun Saunders
Title: The Mystery of the Kingdom of God: In The Image Of?, Author: Rene Garza
Title: Unique Words of the King James Bible, Author: Jonathan Wheatley
Title: Worship in 66, Author: Shaun Saunders
Title: The Black Man, the Father of Civilization, Proven by Biblical History, Author: James Morris Webb
Title: Trojan Horse in the Book of Revelation, Author: Ioannis Letois
Title: Worship in 66: Exploring Worship in Every Book of the Bible, from Genesis - Revelation, Author: Shaun Saunders
Title: Connections Commentary (MayAugust 2021), Author: Brian Harbour
Title: Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature, and Theology, Author: Andreas J. Köstenberger
Title: Formations Commentary (MayAugust 2021), Author: Darrell Pursiful
Title: TIME'S PUZZLE NEARING COMPLETION, Author: Donald F. Hawkins
Title: Those Incredible Christians, Author: Hugh J. Schonfield

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